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Yoga for every one and every body
Coming home to the self

Yoga Classes

Somatic movement to release tension & calm the mind
Boxford Village Hall, Suffolk & Online

I teach yoga to be accessible to every one and every body. My classes are a blend of Hatha yoga, Qi-gong, Somatics and Scarvelli inspired movement.

Yoga is so much more than an exercise class, it is a way of life. A way to live in the present moment, to be more centred and calm through the highs and lows of life.


Self-acceptance and compassion are at the heart of my teaching to enable healing, resilience and contentment to flourish.

There are three classes to choose from. Three classes are live at Boxford Village Hall, Suffolk. Slow Flow is also live streamed via zoom with a follow-up recording to practice at home.

The Classes

Slow Flow - using pattern rhythm to move between postures guided by the breath. On Zoom and live.

 Gentle Yoga  - undo the knots of tension, to reduce stiffness, and build on stability and balance.

Stretch & Breath - an evening class which combines gentle movement and flow to feel more embodied.

All classes aim to nourish and restore, body, mind, and spirit.

Whatever your stage in life, or the ailments you may have, the benefits of yoga are accessible to you.

Freedom through natural alignment and connection with the stability of your breath.

Four classes weekly.

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Slow Flow 10-11.00am - Boxford Village Hall
also streamed on zoom
Yoga for Everyone- online only - 12-13.00

Gentle Yoga  10-11.00 - Boxford Village Hall
Stretch & Breath 17.45-18.30 - Boxford Village Hall

Release unnecessary tension and move with more freedom, grace and poise.


"I've been going to Marianne's yoga classes for about 8 years now and they are a lifeline. The classes are so friendly and a lovely mix of ages and male and female. Marianne always explains the ethos behind the moves which I really like and I usually come out feeling 2" taller and my arms 2" longer from all the fabulous stretches."

Lucy Beven
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