Marianne's Yoga Classes

Trust your heart, your inner teacher

Each yoga class is a holistic approach to nourish body, mind, and soul. Every practice begins from your own unique starting point with respect and kindness for the body you have and the experiences you have lived. My yoga teaching is mindful, conscious of your movement, and listening and observing your emotional responses and thought processes to take you into a deeper understanding of yourself.

Yoga can improve your overall sense of well-being through the postural practices (asanas), helping you to release tension, mobilise stiff joints, develop muscular strength and balance. Awareness of the breath (pranayama), use of mantra and relaxation all weave together to encourage a calmer more harmonious way of being.


The yoga classes I teach are Hatha yoga, a mixture of held poses influenced by Yin yoga and slow flowing vinyasa as well as chair yoga. Classes are taught to be playful, fun and accessible to all, while also learning more about the ancient teachings of yoga. ​

About Marianne

My approach to yoga begins with the practical embedded in our everyday lives and needs. My yoga journey began with lower back pain which I had experienced on and off since childhood due to a curvature in the spine. I thought some stretching would help and started taking yoga classes. Little did I know that yoga would transform the way I now view and live my life.

Inflexibility, stress, overwhelm, indecisiveness, yoga has helped me deal with the challenges we all face in modern life. From the benefits of feeling fitter, more mobile, and free of back pain. I began to review the decisions I was making that were taking me down the well-trodden path of stress and lack of self-belief.

Nine years ago, in my mid-forties I had been teaching postural alignment on a one-to-one basis, called the Alexander Technique, for over twenty years. I knew I needed to make a change. Feeling a bit lost as my children became older, I embarked on studying my passion, yoga, with little intention of becoming a teacher. I never would have believed that I would be able to stand in-front of a class of students and teach.

I now teach five classes a week in Boxford, Suffolk. The classes are friendly and fun. Suitable whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for many years and would like to deepen your practice.

My body is not perfect, my attitude to yoga is adaptable ensuring that yoga is accessible to everyone whatever your age, physical limitations, or experience. Weaving the spiritual teachings, breathwork and guided meditative practices can transform you from a place of craziness and dissatisfaction to that of calm and ease.

“Marianne's classes are a joy. Her teaching is calm and relaxed with clear explanations of positions. She has a wonderfully friendly and warm approach. Even with my dodgy sense of balance and co-ordination these classes are fabulously fun and relaxing. I can't recommend too highly!”

Trudi Wild

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