Yoga Teaching

Yoga is so much more than just being flexible. It is a holistic approach to nourish the body and nurture good health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga can improve your overall sense of well-being through the posture practices (asanas), help mobilise stiff joints, increase muscular strength and benefit your balance. Awareness of the breath (pranayama), use of mantra and relaxation all weave together to encourage a calmer more harmonious way of being.


The yoga classes I teach are Hatha yoga, a mixture of held poses influenced by Yin yoga and slow flowing vinyasa as well as chair yoga. Classes are taught to be fun and accessible to all, while also learning more about the ancient teachings of yoga. I currently teach five classes a week following the school term time.

About Marianne

Yoga has been a part of my life since being a teenager as my mother was also a yoga teacher. I initially trained as an Alexander Technique teacher and taught postural alignment and muscular release on a one to one basis for over twenty years. Yoga became more and more important in my life at the same time I saw the need for more muscular strength and flexibility in some of my Alexander students and so I took the plunge to train as a yoga teacher taking a 500 hour diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga which I completed in 2011. I now teach in the Suffolk villages of Boxford and Stoke by Nayland.

My approach to yoga is practical. I teach mindful awareness of movement working with the breath while encouraging more freedom and release in the body. Attention to postural alignment and safety in movement are key in the practices. Classes are aimed to be accessible to all whatever your ability and students are actively encouraged to notice their response to the practice and lessen the effort, to become more at ease with the body and calm the busyness of mind. I like to weave the physical, psychological and philosophical teachings of yoga into the classes.

I was born with a curvature of spine and suffered with back pain for most of my childhood. My journey of acceptance of the body I have and my recovery from back pain has influenced my teaching to encourage an inclusive approach and to modify the yoga teaching to suit everyone. Yoga for me is as much a mental discipline as a physical one.

“Marianne's classes are a joy. Her teaching is calm and relaxed with clear explanations of positions. She has a wonderfully friendly and warm approach. Even with my dodgy sense of balance and co-ordination these classes are fabulously fun and relaxing. I can't recommend too highly!”

Trudi Wild

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