About Marianne

Yoga to help Back Pain and Scoliosis

My yoga journey began as a teenager. My mother, who was a yoga teacher before me, suggested classes when I had bad back pain caused by a curvature in my spine (scoliosis). I had years of treatment, in and out of different therapies to try and alleviate the pain. I wore a back brace for three years to prevent my curve from worsening.  It was the most unlikely beginning for a lifetime of teaching softness and flexibility in the body.

Yoga and the Alexander Technique helped to lessen my chronic muscle spasms. I improved my alignment, and strengthened the muscles in my back. In 1996 I completed a three year training to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique and taught one-to-one classes in alignment, conscious awareness, and muscle release.

Yoga for Life

As my yoga journey continued my practice became so much more than just the physical. As well as becoming more flexible, and more comfortable in my body, the techniques I learnt helped me deal with chronic stress, feelings of overwhelm and indecisiveness.

The Alexander Technique and Yoga Teacher Training

I taught the Alexander Technique for over twenty years. When my children grew-up I wanted to develop my knowledge further and in 2010 I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga to become a yoga teacher. I completed a 500-hour diploma - the highest level of teaching yoga in the UK.  It was an amazing learning experience and changed my life. I never believed I could stand in front of a class and teach. Yoga has given me that confidence.

I now teach four classes a week in the beautiful village of Boxford in Suffolk and Online. The classes are friendly and fun. Suitable whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for many years and would like to deepen your practice.

Trust your heart your inner teacher

My body is not perfect, my attitude to yoga is adaptable ensuring that yoga is accessible to everyone whatever your age, physical limitations, or experience. My yoga students have become a wonderful community of like-minded people and mutual support. I invite you to come to a class to learn more about the spiritual teachings of yoga, breathwork and guided meditative practices. The yoga I teach aims to nourish you body, mind, and soul. Your first class is free when you subscribe.


“Marianne's classes are a joy. Her teaching is calm and relaxed with clear explanations of positions. She has a wonderfully friendly and warm approach. Even with my dodgy sense of balance and co-ordination these classes are fabulously fun and relaxing. I can't recommend too highly!”

Trudi Wild