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Yoga Nidra - deeply nourishing relaxation

Online Sunday evening yoga nidra
Who is it intended for?

Everyone is warmly welcome. No experience necessary.


Sunday 19th, 26th February and 5th March from 5-5.30pm. Sunday afternoon/early evening is known to be a time when your mood can drop. The prospect of the week ahead can bring on a Sunday evening gloom. What better way to counter that than deep rest to calm the mind leaving you feeling refreshed for the week ahead.

If you are interested but unable to make this time, please contact me by email about a recording.


What do I need?

Nothing special. Anything that will help you feel more comfortable and cosy. Layers can help keep you warm. A cushion to place under your head or knees is optional. You can listen to the yoga nidra lying on your bed, on the floor or sitting in a chair. There is no movement required just the ability to listen.

What is the intention of this Sunday session?

That you will have experienced a guided rested state leaving you in a place of strength and mental clarity for the week ahead.


The session is in preparation for an online case study of four yoga nidras that I will be doing. The case study will be aimed to reduce stress in young people who are experiencing anxiety and students working under pressure. It will be a completion of my 60-hour specialist yoga nidra facilitator training.

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