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This too shall pass

March 20th 2020 marked the Spring equinox, a shift in the earth's hemisphere, a change of season from Winter to Spring, darkness to light. An equinox is when the day and night are of equal length, when the sun is exactly above the planet's equator - the word 'equinox' means 'equal night' in Latin. Spring equinox is traditionally thought of as a positive shift towards light, life, hope and new beginnings.

As the implications of coronavirus unfold daily we are experiencing a complete shift of the world as we know it. While looking out the window with the beautiful sunshine, blue sky and cold March wind everything looks as normal. Yet when Monday morning comes the children will not be dancing and running to school.

I have watched the nightly broadcasts from the government with a sense of disbelief, heavy sadness and fear. As events adjust and shift daily in reponse to the virus, our lives are also changing beyond recognition as we transform to a completely different way of life. But I am also aware of the strength of the community now pulling together and the force of humanity to find a way through this disaster, from the scientists discovering more about the disease, the NHS staff's commitment, to my own village in Boxford with people rallying to help the vulnerable.

As the darkness of Winter passes to the light of Spring we will also come through this unprecedented episode. Although unimaginable now life will rebuild itself. And while events are changing calm your response by returning to your breath, the flow of the breath in and the release of the exhale out. Whenever possible release the hold of the body, the tightening of your muscles in response to fear and quieten the mind as you focus on the present. Where you can find joy seek it out whether it be in the garden, the radio or a good book. Be kind to yourselves and to those around you as we all struggle to adapt. Each breath, each moment we are working our way through this together.

With love x

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