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Live streamed Zoom yoga classes are a way to continue your yoga practice over the coming weeks and months as we live in social isolation. It is a new learning environment for all of us but one I am confident can work. It seems important that we make the best possible use of the time we now have available rather than waiting for our lives to return to normal. Yoga can be so helpful as we readjust to this new way of living bringing us into the present with tranquility, responding with calm to the fear, worry and stress


The live streamed class will be approximately an hour and recorded for private YouTube viewing. After the class you will receive a private link to rewatch the class to help you develop your home practice. Participation in these classes is taken as a strict agreement that the recorded class is not shared with ANYONE else. Friends and family are welcome to enrol but will need to contact me directly. This class will NOT be open to the general public as we are a yoga community and I want you to feel this is a safe space for you to practice.

If you prefer not to join the live streamed class you can enrol in the class but specify when enroling that you wish to follow the recorded version and not the Zoom class. I will send you the link to the class.

Zoom can be a beneficial platform to stay connected and support one another at this challenging time.

Gentle Yoga

Thursdays 10.30-11.30

Slow Vinyasa Flow

Saturdays 10.30-11.30

  • Your first Zoom class is free of charge

  • Classes are £20.00 for four classes or £5.00 per a class

  • If you find yourself in financial difficulty please give a donation towards the class.

For those of you who have already paid for

your classes there is no cost for four classes.

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