Marianne Marshall

BWY (British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Teacher)

Fully Qualified Alexander Technique Teacher


Marianne teaches five weekly yoga classes in the villages of Boxford and Stoke by Nayland in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk. She started teaching yoga in 2011. 

Marianne teaches gentle Hatha yoga with focus on the breath. Classes are aimed to encourage the body to release into a sense of ease and comfort while also building strength. She works with the body you have rather than imposing the posture onto the body. Learning is developed at the student's own pace. Classes are a mixture of held poses influenced by Yin yoga, slow flowing viniyasas and chair yoga. They are taught to be accessible to all and to be fun, while also learning more about the ancient teachings of yoga.

Marianne is also a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and has been teaching postural alignment and muscular release on a one-to-one basis since 1996. This background reinforces a keen attention to alignment and safety in the practice of the postures.  Care is taken to develop a student's self awareness and integration of mind and body.

Marianne began learning yoga in her teens when she was diagnosed with severe curvature of the spine, known as scoliosis. Through this introduction to yoga her mother trained to become a yoga teacher  and Marianne followed in her footsteps thirty years later.

Marianne's history of having a bad back has influenced her teaching to encourage an inclusive approach and to modify the postures to suit the individual. It's not what you have but what you do with it that matters.

“This is a well designed session which links from week to week. Instructions & demonstrations are clear and individual assistance is always available. The class has a calm but purposeful air & has significantly added to my mobility & flexibility. I can throughly recommend it”

Tina Loose

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